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Not to be confused with Back to the Future.

Black to the Future is a 2009 television mini-series produced by VH1, that talks about history of events and trends about black people, for Black History Month. The show is hosted by David Alan Grier.

Recurring segments[edit]

  • Brothers with Badges: Ice-T talks about black actors that portrayed police officers in the given decade.
  • The Most Groovetastic Songs: Chilli lists three popular songs in the given decade.
  • Catchphrases of Color: Jesse Jackson re-lives popular phrases in the given decade.
  • Cosmic Girl: Sir Mix-a-Lot discusses girls he liked in the given decade.
  • Fashions of the Decade: Downtown Julie Brown show us fashion outfits in the given decade.
  • Whatta a Man: Salt and Pepa talk about guys they liked in the given decade.
  • Funniest Fellas: Loni Love lists funny celebrities in the given decade.
  • Soul Sisters: Fantasia Barrino shows us the best girl singers in the given decade.

Topics covered by decade[edit]

Notice: Throughout the specials they discuss various movies and TV shows and spoil the endings of them.

The 70s[edit]

The 80s[edit]

The 90s[edit]

The 2000s[edit]


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