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Blast 106
City Belfast, Northern Ireland
Broadcast area Belfast, Northern Ireland
Slogan The Most Music Station
Frequency FM: 106.4fm
Format News, Music, Sport

Blast 106 is a FM radio station broadcasting to Greater Belfast on 106.4 FM. It serves the student & youth community of Greater Belfast, Northern Ireland. The station is fully licensed by the regulator Ofcom to broadcast across Greater Belfast on 106.4FM.

Blast 106 offers a variety of programming catered for the student and youth community of Belfast, with a focus on contemporary hits throughout the day with regular news, sport, entertainment and travel updates. The weekday evening schedule shifts focus to more specialised shows such as The Scene and Through The Wall, which both focus on the local music scene and provides an outlet for local artists to have their music heard. Other specialist shows include; The Pit, Urban Heat and Friday Night Blast which focus on mainstream rock, urban and commercial dance respectively.

Mission Statement[edit]

“Blast106 is a radio station for students & young people living, working or studying in Greater Belfast. The station will Educate, Inform, Entertain and Represent the entire student and youth community with programmes that reflect their tastes and interests.”

Schedule Monday - Friday[edit]

Time/Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7 am - 10 am The Morning Mess with Shane Pearce The Morning Mess with Shane Pearce The Morning Mess with Shane Pearce The Morning Mess with Shane Pearce The Morning Mess with Shane Pearce
10 am - 1 pm The 10 to 1 Show with Neil Curran The 10 to 1 Show with Neil Curran The 10 to 1 Show with Neil Curran The 10 to 1 Show with Neil Curran The 10 to 1 Show with Neil Curran
1 pm - 4 pm Kathryn Wilson Kathryn Wilson Kathryn Wilson Kathryn Wilson Kathryn Wilson
4 pm - 7 pm The Jam with Connor Coates The Jam with Connor Coates The Jam with Connor Coates The Jam with Connor Coates The Jam with Connor Coates
7 pm - 9 pm The Scene (Specialist) The Pit (Specialist) Through The Wall (Specialist) Urban Heat (Specialist) Blast From The Past (Specialist)
9 pm - 12 am The Lock In The Lock In The Lock In The Lock In Non-Stop Blast
12 am - 1 am Non-Stop Blast Non-Stop Blast Non-Stop Blast Mark Knight Toolroom Knights Hardwell On Air
1 am - 3 am Non-Stop Blast Non-Stop Blast Non-Stop Blast Judge Jules Global Warm Up Nicky Romero Protocol Radio

Schedule - Saturday[edit]

Time/Day Saturday
8 am - 11 am Saturday Breakfast
11 am - 2 pm What's Happenin'
2 pm - 5 pm Blast Hits @ The Weekend
5 pm - 7 pm Saturday Night Blast / JonBoi
7 pm - 9 pm Saturday Night Blast / Shane Pearce
9 pm - 10 pm Saturday Night Blast / Dave Pearce
10 pm - 1 am Saturday Night Blast /Connor Coates
1 am - 2 am Saturday Night Blast / Tiesto
2 am - 4 am Saturday Night Blast / Armin Van Buuren

Schedule - Sunday[edit]

Time/Day Sunday
8 am - 11 am Sunday Breakfast
11 am - 2 pm The Hangover / Ali
2 pm - 5 pm Blast Hits @ The Weekend
5 pm - 7 pm Blast Hits @ The Weekend
7 pm - 9 pm Diversity / Leslie Leung
9 pm - 12 am The Lock-In

Blast 106 Presenters[edit]

  • Shane Pearce (Programme Director / Station Manager) - "The Morning Mess"
  • Neil Curran - "The 10-1 Show"
  • Rebecca Cowden (Bex) - "Blast Mixtape"
  • Connor Coates - "The Jam / Saturday Night Blast"
  • Phil Murphy - "Through The Wall"
  • Alister Dowey (Ali) - "The Pit / The Hangover"
  • Conor Fisher Bannon (Conor FB) - "The Pit"
  • Chris Barber - "The Scene"
  • Vinny Hurrell - "The Clinic"
  • DJ Tez - "Urban Heat / Saturday Night Blast"
  • DJ Jon Boi - "Saturday Night Blast*
  • DJ Col - "Friday Night Blast*

Blast Xtra[edit]

Blast Xtra was the online training station of Blast 106, this ceased broadcasting in September 2015 after 5 years on air.

Saturday Schedule on Blast Xtra[edit]


Licence Breach[edit]

In August 2013 the station was found in breach of its licence.[1] Communications regulator Ofcom found that the station was not meeting its licence obligations.

However in a court ruling against Ofcom the station won the right to continue broadcasting. The ruling which was delivered just hours before the station's licence was due to expire, the judge held that the process was unfair and disproportionate. The regulator's decision was quashed and an extension of Blast 106's community radio licence was granted. After hearing submissions the judge sat to give his verdict just before the expiry deadline. He held that Ofcom ignored a request from Blast 106's solicitors for an oral hearing after learning the regulator's preliminary view. A decision was made not to consider sanctions over the alleged breach - which would have involved due process safeguards. That meant all that was left to consider was the station's application in January for an extension to its licence.[2]

The Ofcom report said: "During the three days in January 2013 and two days in November 2012 when we monitored output, we heard no local student news, coverage of student sports events, documentaries, or coverage of student politics."[3]

The station responded by explaining that the days that Ofcom performed monitoring were exceptions to normal output, however following a subsequent monitoring period the station was again found to be under delivering its key commitments. The report concluded;

"As set out above, we have taken into account the following matters"

  • The combination in ‘daytime’ output of a high volume of music (more than 90%) with very little speech of specific relevance to the target community;
  • A very modest amount of speech output of direct relevance and interest to the primary target community, broadcast in the evenings only;
  • A lack of variety in the music output except in specialist programmes; and
  • Certain speech material not being featured in output for much of the year.

Communications watchdog Ofcom then went to the Court of Appeal after the to extend Blast 106's licence.

It was claimed that the case should instead have been sent back for the regulator to make a fresh decision following that ruling.

But senior judges in Belfast held that the body could not have carried out a fair re-hearing before the station's broadcasting permit expired.

Dismissing the appeal, Lord Justice Girvan said: "To refuse to make an order requiring an extension would be to visit on the licence holder a disproportionately unfair result compared to the alleged unfairness to Ofcom in having to grant a licence which, if abused, could be revoked."


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