Bleeding Rainbow

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Bleeding Rainbow
Also known as Reading Rainbow
Origin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Years active 2009 (2009)-2015 (2015)
Members Rob Garcia
Sarah Everton
Al Creedon
Past members Greg Frantz

Bleeding Rainbow was a Philadelphia-based band that was originally composed of singer/bassist Sarah Everton - also the drummer when they played as Reading Rainbow[1] - and singer/guitarist Rob Garcia, though the group was expanded to include drummer Greg Frantz and lead guitarist Al Creedon.[2] While still performing as a duo, Everton and Garcia released two full-length albums under the name Reading Rainbow, Mystical Participation, and Prism Eyes[3][4] on HoZac Records. The band's third release and their first under their new moniker, Yeah Right, saw the band signing to Brooklyn-based label Kanine Records and embracing "bands from our teenage-hood."[5] On February 25, 2014, Bleeding Rainbow released the full length titled "Interrupt".[6]

On April 5, 2015, Bleeding Rainbow announced on their Facebook page that the band had decided to call it quits. The split was amicable, and the members are all focusing on new projects.


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