Blennerhassett Junior High School

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Blennerhassett Middle School
Parkersburg, WV
United States
Type Public
Motto "Helping every student academically, emotionally, physically, and socially prepare for the future."
School district Wood County
Superintendent Mr. John Flint
Principal Mr. Clint Spencer
Grades 6-8
Campus type Suburban
Color(s)             Columbia Blue, Red, and White
Mascot Bobcat
Feeder schools Blennerhassett Elementary School
Franklin Elementary School
Gihon Elementary School
Lubeck Elementary School

Blennerhassett Middle School is a West Virginia School of Excellence in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Part of Wood County Schools, Blennerhassett serves 550 students in grades 6-8. The principal is Mr. Clint Spencer and the Vice Principal is Mrs. Alesha Mendez.


Blennerhassett is well known for holding its yearly Olympic festival, in which the students are sorted into eight "countries" (Argentina, Kenya, Greece, Spain, Great Britain, Italy, and Japan) and compete in various academic and sport competitions for medals. Blennerhassett was also one of the very first schools in the country to include the video game Dance Dance Revolution in its physical education program.

Tri-Star Award[edit]

Each year, students are honored for their involvement in the school. In order to qualify for this award for involvement, students must participate in the arts (choir, band, theatre, or Student Council), sports, and academic excellence. Students who win the yearly award for all three years are awarded the "Tri-Star Award", a prestigious honor that students are encouraged to include in their college applications.

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