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Blindfire is when a person fires a weapon from behind an object and does not reveal himself. While performing this, the person usually does not know where he is aiming and is thus shooting "blindly"[citation needed].

In paintball and airsoft blindfire is usually an illegal move due to possibly unnecessary injuries[citation needed].

A common misconception is that it is an effective way to provide cover fire for an advancing team/squad mate[citation needed], however, the point of cover fire is to suppress, but not necessarily kill, the enemy defending a position. While concentrated cover fire on their position will usually slow down or halt the enemy's own attack, blindfiring can be hopelessly inaccurate at medium and long range distances[citation needed], to the point where gunfire will not come anywhere near the enemy, and will only inhibit their actions if they are under the mistaken impression that the bullets are actually being aimed at them. The only scenario where blindfire is a truly effective strategy is when cornered by numerous advancing enemies at close range[citation needed].