Blistex, Incorporated

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Blistex Inc.
Industry Personal Care Products
Founded 1947
Headquarters Oak Brook, Illinois, United States
Key people
Products Pharmaceuticals
Website Blistex

Blistex began as a small family company in 1947.[1] Its focus was to develop and market lip care products in the United States. It then became a private company based in Oak Brook, Illinois that primarily manufactures lip balm, lip ointment, and other lip-related products. It also produces:

  • Stridexacne-prevention product
  • Kank-A – two varieties: 1) provides oral pain relief against canker sores 2) soft gel that provides oral pain relief of toothaches[2]
  • Foille – relief of pain due to scrapes, cuts, minor burns, sunburn, non-poisonous insect bites, and minor skin irritation[3]
  • Ivarest – relief of poison ivy itching[4]
  • Glysomed – hand cream and body lotion for relief of dry skin by providing and locking in moisture[5]
  • Dentyl pH – a two-phase mouth wash for deep cleansing of your mouth and long lasting fresh breath
  • Odor-Eaters – foot care products; acquired from Combe Incorporated in 2011.

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