Jammerbugt FC

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Jammerbugt FC
Full name Jammerbugt FC
Founded 1974: Jetsmark IF
2008: Blokhus FC
2013: Jammerbugt FC
Ground Jetsmark Stadion,
Ground Capacity 6,000
Chairman Steen Bjørn Pedersen
Manager Frode Langagergaard
League Danish 2nd Division
2011–12 1st Division, 14th

Jammerbugt FC is a Danish football club currently playing in the Danish 2nd Division. They play at Jetsmark Stadion in Pandrup, North Jutland, which has a capacity of 6,000. The club was former known as Jetsmark IF, which still is the name of the amateur department.


Logo of Blokhus FC from July 2008 to February 2013.

The club was founded on 27 August 1973 as a fusion between the two neighbouring clubs Kaas Idrætsforening and Pandrup Boldklub. As Kaas had been playing in green shirts and Pandrup in white, the new first team shirt of course had to be a mix of those two colours.[citation needed] As their first coach they hired Preben Larsen who, for a long time, had been an influential first team player in AaB.

The club was capable of having teams in none less than all of the six lowest Danish divisions in their first season, and the first home game on the new ground – which was opened on 7 April 1974. It was against Frederikshavn in Serie 1 (the sixth-lowest division). The game was eventually won by Jetsmark IF after a goal scored just a few minutes before the final whistle by Arne Johansen. After a depressingly long period with teams in Serie 2 and 3, and none of them looking to advance in the near future, their hopes of playing in a higher vision saw light, as a group of former players estimated the organization "Team Jetsmark", whose only purpose was to find players, staff, and funds to make the club get back to Serie 1. With Torben Nielsen as the head coach, that goal was achieved in 1992.

However, the greatest highlight of the club's history so far is considered to be the promotion to the 2nd Division (the 3rd best of Danish divisions) in 2002. After a 3–1 victory in Herning, the club could celebrate their victory. Jetsmark IF did as well reach the round of 16 in the 2003 edition of the Danish Cup, but Helsingør IF showed to be the better side that day.

An elite superstructure went into effect on 1 July 2008 for the first senior team under the name Blokhus FC. On 26 February 2013, the club's general assembly decided to change the name from Blokhus FC to Jammerbugt FC.[1] The club started using the new name in the spring of 2013 in match programmes, advertisements etc., but it will not be used officially in tournaments organized by the Danish national association until the next season.[2]

Jetsmark IF and the local society[edit]

The goal of the club is to remain the most attractive club in "Vendsyssel", which is the very northern part of Jutland. Achieving this goal has been easened a lot by the club's position next to a big industrial area, which means that getting sponsors is not a problem. The club has also been host for many events. For instance: parties and cycling races. Additionally, since 1975, they have been very popular for hosting their bi-annual business conference, which is held every second year.

Current squad[edit]

Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Strikers
  • 01 Denmark Simon Enevoldsen
  • 21 Denmark Jens Erik Juul Larsen
  • 02 Denmark Jan Rasmussen
  • 03 Denmark Nick Svendsen
  • 04 Denmark Marc Pedersen
  • 06 Denmark Jonas Westmark
  • 14 Denmark Glenn Schreiber
  • 15 Denmark Casper Nordström
  • 20 Denmark Søren Reese
  • 05 Denmark Jonas Hyldgaard
  • 07 Denmark Malthe Nygaard
  • 08 Denmark Daniel Moth
  • 09 Denmark Mads Severinsen
  • 12 Denmark Mikkel Holm Jensen
  • 13 Denmark Hans Jakob Nørgaard
  • 17 Denmark Sune Gundersen
  • 23 Denmark Kristian Glyø
  • 10 Denmark Emil Hauke
  • 11 Denmark Christoffer Leth
  • 18 Denmark Kasper Knudsen
  • 22 Denmark Nickolaj Thomsen
  • Denmark Viktor Ahlmann

Last update: 10 December 2016.

Former coaches[edit]

  • Henning Pedersen (2008–2009
  • Henrik Larsen (2009)
  • Henning Pedersen (2009–2010)
  • Søren Kusk (2010–2012)


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