Zyklon-B (band)

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Origin Norway
Genres Black metal
Years active 1995–1999
Labels Malicious Records
Associated acts Zyklon, Satyricon, Emperor, Dødheimsgard
Members Frost

Zyklon-B was a Norwegian black metal band founded in 1995.

The band’s members were Tomas "Samoth" Thormodsæter Haugen (guitar and bass) and Vegard "Ihsahn" Sverre Tveitan (keyboard) from Emperor, Kjetil "Frost" Haraldstad (Drums) from Satyricon and Björn "Aldrahn" Dencker Gjerde (vocals) from Dødheimsgard. Their lyrics deal mainly with death, apocalypse and warfare. The band recorded only one EP; other versions of the featured songs were featured on split releases with Mayhem and Swordmaster.

The band Zyklon featuring members of Zyklon-B is often thought to be the same band, which is wrong. The name refers to Zyklon B, a gas used in gas chambers during the Holocaust. However, the band states that "Zyklon-B is not related to any political or racial preference".


Blood Must Be Shed
EP by Zyklon-B
Released 1995
Genre Black metal
Length 10:54
Label Malicious Records
  • Blood Must Be Shed EP (1995)
    1. "Mental Orgasm" – 2:54
    2. "Bloodsoil" – 2:25
    3. "Warfare" – 5:35
  • Blood Must Be Shed / Wraths of Time split EP with Swordmaster (1996)
    1. "Mental Orgasm" – 2:54
    2. "Bloodsoil" – 2:25
    3. "Warfare" – 5:35
    4. "Wraths of Time" – 5:37
    5. "Upon Blood and Ashes" – 5:17
    6. "Conspiracy - Preview" – 2:56
  • Necrolust / Total Warfare split single with Mayhem (1999)
    1. "Necrolust (Unreleased Studio Version)" – 3:43
    2. "Total Warfare (Sea Serpent Remix)" – 5:46