Bloodied, but Unbowed

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Bloodied, but Unbowed
Desperado - Bloodied But Unbowed - Front.jpg
Studio album by
GenreHard rock

Bloodied, but Unbowed is the debut album by the American band Desperado. It was officially released by Destroyer Records in 1996.

Re-titled Ace, it was re-issued in 2006 by Angel Air Records in the UK (extensive sleevenotes by Record Collector magazine's Joe Geesin, featuring interviews by Bernie Tormé and Dee Snider) and Deadline Records in the U.S. with the songs "Easy Action" and "Heart of Saturday Night" cut from the track listing. Argentina's Del Imaginario Discos also released the album in 2007.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Dee Snider and Bernie Tormé, except "Heart of Saturday Night" by Tom Waits.

  1. "Hang 'Em High" - 4:51
  2. "Gone Bad" - 3:44
  3. "The Maverick" - 5:06
  4. "The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter" - 7:11
  5. "Calling for You" - 4:54
  6. "See You at Sunrise" - 5:53
  7. "There's No Angels Here" - 4:54
  8. "Made for Trouble" - 3:45
  9. "Ride Thru the Storm" - 4:30
  10. "Son of a Gun" - 5:34
  11. "Emaheevol" - 4:25
  12. "Easy Action" - 3:52
  13. "Heart of Saturday Night" - 3:53


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