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Blou is a band from Meteghan, Nova Scotia. The group claims a unique style of music which they call "Acadico" – a mix of Acadian, Cajun and Zydeco styles.[1] The group takes its name from the street where the founding member Patrice Boulianne resides: "L'Allée des Blou" was named after an aboriginal man purported to have lived at the end of that street 100 years ago or more.


Blou began in the autumn of 1994 in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. In 1998, Blou self-produced its first recording, "Acadico". "Acadico" was the first CD by an Acadian artist that had a European distribution.

In 2000, Blou changed its lineup. Their second album, "Rhythm 'N Blou" had a more upbeat sound than "Acadico" and the band toured internationally. In 2003, Blou released his third album to celebrate his upcoming tenth anniversary. Also that year BLOU won the Prix ZOF-PassepArt-TV5 award. On October 17, 2005, Blou released the first single, "Come Away Café" from their unreleased fourth album, "Pied-à-terre." "Pied-à-terre" was later released on February 14, 2006.

In 2012, the group won Fan's Choice Entertainer of the Year East Coast Music Awards.[2]


  • Acadico (1998)
  • Rhythm 'n BLOU (2000)
  • Blou Blanc Rouge (2003)
  • Pied-à-terre (2006)
  • Tringgle (2006)


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