Blount Building

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Blount Building
Pensacola Blount bldg01.jpg
Blount Building
General information
Architectural styleChicago school
Town or city3 West Garden St., SW corner of Palafox St., Pensacola, Florida
CountryUnited States
Coordinates30°24′45.5″N 87°12′56.3″W / 30.412639°N 87.215639°W / 30.412639; -87.215639Coordinates: 30°24′45.5″N 87°12′56.3″W / 30.412639°N 87.215639°W / 30.412639; -87.215639
Construction started1906
ClientWilliam Alexander Blount
Technical details
Structural systemmarble, granite, brick, fireproof iron and steelgirders
Size7 stories
Design and construction
EngineerBuilder: Charles Hill Turner
The Blount Building under construction

The Blount Building is an historic seven-story Chicago school style office building located at 3 West Garden St., SW corner of Palafox St., Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida. It was built by Charles Hill Turner in 1906-1907 for local attorney William Alexander Blount on the site of the three-story Blount-Watson Building, which had burned on Halloween night in 1905. The building features so-called Chicago windows and contains in its exterior the contain the three parts of a classical column, with the first and second floors being the base of the column, the third through sixth floors the shaft and the seventh floor the capital. The first floor exterior has been changed over the years reflect different retail needs, but the exterior of the upper floors remains intact. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

In 1989, the Blount Building was listed in A Guide to Florida's Historic Architecture, published by the University of Florida Press, which described it as a "Fine example of turn-of-the-century commercial architecture in Pensacola.".[1]


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