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Blow is the surname of several people, including:

  • Charles M. Blow, (born 1970), an American journalist and columnist for The New York Times.
  • David Mervyn Blow (born 1931), an influential British biophysicist
  • Detmar Blow (born 1867), a British architect of the early 20th century
  • Godfrey Blow (born 1948), an artist based in Kalamunda, Western Australia
  • Henry Taylor Blow (born 1817), a U.S. Representative and Ambassador from Missouri
  • Isabella Blow (1958–2007), a British magazine editor and international style icon
  • John Blow (born 1649), an English composer and organist
  • Jonathan Blow, a video game programmer and designer
  • Kurtis Blow, an American rapper
  • Sandra Blow (born 1925), an English painter
  • Susan Blow (born 1843), an American educator
  • Thomas Blow, a provincial level politician from Alberta, Canada

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