Blue Tornado (film)

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Blue Tornado
Directed by Antonio Bido (as Tony B. Dodd)[1]
Produced by Giovanni Di Clemente
Domenico Lo Zito
Written by Gino Capone
Antionio Bido
Starring Dirk Benedict
Ted McGinley
Patsy Kensit
Music by Fabio Massimo Colasanti
Marco De Angelis
Elivio Moratto
Cinematography Maurizio Dell'Orco
Edited by Franco Fraticelli
Release date
Running time
85 min
Country Italy
Language English

Blue Tornado is a 1991 Italian action-thriller directed by Antonio Bido. It stars Dirk Benedict, Ted McGinley and Patsy Kensit.[1]


In the course of experimenting a new flight maneuver, two pilots, Colonel Alex Long (Benedict) and Philip (McGinley) encounter a mysterious light beyond a mountain range. Phil becomes transfixed by the light, flies into it and vanishes. Alex returns alone and shocked by what he has seen. Later the remains of his colleague's plane are found. As inquiries ensue, Alex begins to believe a UFO was involved. He is accused of creating the UFO story as an alibi against allegations he sabotaged Philip's plane. He later Meets Isabella (Kensit) who is also researching UFOs. They embark on a mission to rescue Philip.



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