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The Bluey Day Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation in Australia and calls upon national Police, Ambulance, Fire and Emergency Services as well as the general community to raise funds to support children with cancer and other serious illnesses.

The Bluey Day Foundation is the original head shaving fundraiser where participants from various emergency and defence services and the community raise funds in many ways; from obtaining sponsorship from local businesses and communities, selling merchandise as well as organising special functions.

Since Karl David[1] founded Bluey Day Foundation in 1995, it has spread from a few police members in Victoria to Emergency Services members from all over Australia raising over A$20 million, as well as in Canada and America.

The chair of the Bluey Day Foundation is Neil Williamson.

Bluey Day[edit]

Bluey Day is held annually in August and is one of the major fundraising campaigns where the emergency services and community come together to raise funds and shave their heads or go blue by colouring their hair or wearing something blue. Participants also have been known to colour their hair red, green and orange to represent their support from their own particular service.


The 2009 Adopt-A-Bluey schools program is a fun way for schools to help 'Bluey' the blue healer raise awareness for kids with cancer and other illnesses.

Each student in the class looks after their adopted Bluey and take turns to introduce the dog to their friends and family.


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