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Bożydar-Kałęczyn was the name of a former jurydyka founded in 1702 near Warsaw. It was founded partly on the land of an existing village called Kałęczyn.[which?] The city hall was located at today's address, Nowy Swiat 8/10, by J. Szwarcenberg-Czerny.[who?]

An informal Jewish settlement claled Nowa Jerozolima (New Jerusalem in Polish) existed here (in the western part of what is now the city of Warsaw). Built by August Sułkowski, the settlement was demolished shortly after its foundation and most of the Jews eventually moved to the city itself. However, it gave the name to one of the principal streets of Warsaw, the Aleje Jerozolimskie.

Coordinates: 52°13′51″N 21°01′17″E / 52.2309°N 21.0213°E / 52.2309; 21.0213