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Robert Kenneth Meyer (27 May 1932 – 6 May 2009) was a logician and Professor Emeritus at the Australian National University.

First trained to be a minister at the Union Congregational Church by the Princeton Theological Seminary in 1956, he completed his graduate studies in philosophy and logic at the University of Pittsburgh. He moved to Australia and joined the Australian National University in 1974.[1] He worked in relevant logic, particularly on its semantics.[clarification needed]

He was the Maximum Leader for the Logicians Liberation League, and drafted its manifesto.[2]

Despite his accomplishments in the areas of philosophy and logic, he fell short in the understanding of the passage of time. On one of his journeys from Philadelphia Pennsylvania to Washington DC, he estimated that the 150 mile drive would take him "Three or four or five hours". On one occasion he lost his passport in the USA one hour prior to his flight to Australia and estimated he had enough time to get a new one "after a shower and a quick stop at the Barnes and Noble".


Meyer died of lung cancer on 6 May 2009, aged 76, in Canberra, Australia.