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Bob Milne is an American ragtime musician and concert pianist. Considered as a "very good specialist of ragtime boogie",[1] he was referred to as a "national treasure" after he was interviewed and documented for future generations by the U.S. Library of Congress in 2004.[2][3]

Experiments conducted by Penn State neuroscientist Kerstin Bettermann established that Milne has the unusual ability to mentally "play" up to 4 symphonies in his head simultaneously.[2][4][5]


  • Folksongs, Barrelhouse and Ragtime (1993)
  • Old Songs & Old Rags - Some Like 'Em Hot! (1997)
  • The Robert E. Lee (1997)
  • The Green River Blues (2000)
  • Boogie, Blues & Rags (2001)
  • The Red River Valley (2004)
  • I wonder (2007)
  • Silent Night (Ragged Night) (2007)
  • Sounds of New Orleans (2007)
  • The Last Carousel (2014)
  • The Midnight Express


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