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Bobby Larios (born c. 1970) is a Mexican actor.


Bobby Larios was born to Diego Hernández. His mother, a master of "garnachas", is Maria de Jesus, but she is most well known as Doña Chuy. He suffered tragedy early on in life, when his sister, Alejandra, died of cancer. He also has a younger brother.

Larios wanted to be in show business since he was little. As he grew, he became a struggling actor, finding small jobs at different plays and not gaining any recognition. During the 1990s, he married Otilia Moralo, with whom he had a son.

Acting career[edit]

In 1999, Larios had his first opportunity at acting in a telenovela, when he participated in Mujeres Enganadas. He had a small role in that soap opera.

Another small character would follow, when he was hired for Tres Mujeres, filmed that same year. His second character, however, was a feature character, which for Larios signified a small upgrade. He played Mauro in Tres Mujeres.

Three more years passed before Larios could act in a telenovela again. He got divorced, and his former wife got custody of their son. In 2002, Larios participated as Julián de la Colina in Las Vías del Amor, and in the smash hit Clase 406, where he played Cesar. But, even as his participation in telenovelas was slowly growing, Larios was still struggling to find fame.

By 2003, he was cast in his first starring role in Velo de Novia.[1]



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