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Bocanada (Cerati).jpg
Studio album by Gustavo Cerati
Released July 21, 1999
Recorded 1998-1999
Studio CasaSubmarina, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Symphonic Orchestra was recorded at Abbey Road, London, England.
Genre Electronic rock, alternative rock, deep house, electronic music, art rock, experimental rock, trip hop, art pop, dream pop, neo-psychedelia
Length 69:19
Label BMG International
Producer Gustavo Cerati
Gustavo Cerati chronology
Amor Amarillo
Siempre es Hoy
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars link

Bocanada (Puff) is the second solo album by Argentine rock musician Gustavo Cerati, considered by critics and fans as a highlight in his career and one of his best albums.[1] His first album release after the breakup of Soda Stereo, Cerati had, during this time, been working with Plan V and Ocio, two bands oriented towards electronic music. Raíz was the album's first cut played in radio stations, Puente being the first music video to be released; "Bocanada" had the most music videos produced of any Cerati album to date.

Allmusic granted it 4 1/2 stars out of 5, which was viewed as surprising and unusual, considering it is not very commonplace for Allmusic to give a Latin album such a high score. [2] The veteran Mexican rock critic David Cortés Arce had this to say about it, "Bocanada is a fundamental album in the history of Iberoamerican Rock, in general, in all of the Spanish speaking countries."[3]


In short, the music in this record can be defined as a mix of electronic sounds with rock elements. Also, there are elements of many styles like alternative rock, experimental music, pop music and many others.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Tabú" (Taboo) Gustavo Cerati 4:47
2. "Engaña" (It Deceives) Cerati 4:12
3. "Bocanada" (Puff) Cerati - Pablo Chaijale 4:07
4. "Puente" (Bridge) Cerati 4:33
5. "Río Babel" (Babel River) Cerati 4:44
6. "Beautiful" Cerati 6:13
7. "Perdonar es Divino" (Forgiving is Divine) Cerati 5:19
8. "Verbo Carne" (Flesh Verb) Cerati 4:42
9. "Raíz" (Root) Cerati 4:04
10. "Y Si El Humo Está en Foco..." (And if the Smoke is in Focus...) Cerati 4:56
11. "Paseo Inmoral" (Immoral Stroll) Cerati - Francisco Bochatón 5:31
12. "Aquí & Ahora (Los Primeros Tres Minutos)" (Here & Now [The First Three Minutes]) Cerati 3:54
13. "Aquí & Ahora (Y Después)" (Here & Now [And Then]) Cerati 2:38
14. "Alma" (Soul) Cerati - Flavio Etcheto 4:38
15. "Balsa" (Raft) Cerati 5:05
Total length: 69:23


This is the album which has the most music videos released in Gustavo Cerati's soloist career.



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