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Bode Sowande (born 2 May 1948) is a Nigerian writer and dramatist, known for the theatric aesthetic of his plays about humanism and social change. He comes from a breed of writers in Nigeria that favors a post-traditional social and political landscape where the individual is the creator and maker of his own history not just the subject of norms and tradition. Sowande is a member of the so-called second generation of Nigerian playwrights, who favor a much more political tone in their writing and seek to promote an alliance or acquiescence to a change in the status quo and fate of the common man and farmers who constitute the majority of the Nigerian society.[1] Some members of this groups includes: Zulu Sofola, Femi Osofisan and Festus Iyayi. Bode Sowande in May 2010, launched a tarot website [1].See also [2]

He runs the Drama group ODU THEMES, established in 1972, and BODE SOWANDE THEATRE ACADEMY, an internship programme for dramatists. He is married, with children.


  • The Night Before Babylon, 1972
  • A Farewell to Babylon and Other Plays, 1978
  • Flamingo and other plays, 1980
  • Without A Home, novel, 1982
  • Our Man The President, novel, 1983
  • The Missing Bridesmaid, novelette, 1984
  • Tornadoes Full of Dreams, drama, 1990
  • Arede Owo, [Yoruba adaptation of Molière's L'Avare], drama,1990.
  • Ajantala-Pinocchio,drama, 1997
  • Super Leaf, drama, 2004
  • Just For The Fun Of It [ An anecdotal history of Odu Themes Theatre],2008, memoirs.
  • Long Story, drama [on last days of Abacha and M.K.O Abiola], 2010

Six Radio plays broadcast on BBC African drama programmes; [1975-1996]

Bar Beach Prelude,
Get a Pigeon from Trafalgar Square,
Beggars Choice,
A Dream from the sun,
Alarm on Lagoon Street,
Regina's Golden Goal.

Odu Themes weekly Television programmes, Western Nigeria Television [ now NTA, Ibadan.]1973- 1978. Television drama series, 'Acada Campus', NIGERIA TELEVISION AUTHORITY [network ], 1981,1982.

FLAMINGO, 13 part television serial, Oyo State Broadcasting Service,1983

WITHOUT A HOME, TV 13 episode serial, Oyo State Broadcasting Service, 1984


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