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Bodfan Standing Stone - - 1087859.jpg
Bodfan Standing Stone, Llanaber
Born 7th century
North Wales
Venerated in Catholic Church,
Anglican Communion
Feast 2 June
Patronage Llanaber,

Bodfan (or Bodfaen) is a Welsh saint in the Catholic and Anglican churches.


He was the son of Helig ap Glanawg and died in the 7th century.[1] Supposedly, he saw his family's land inundated by the sea and became a religious.[1] Bodfan then became a monk on Bardsey Island and later established the first church at Llanaber. His brothers Brothen, Celynin and Rhichwyn are also regarded as saints and also have churches dedicated to them around Gwynedd and Conwy.[2]


He is the patron saint of many churches in Gwynedd in north-west Wales, such as St Mary and St Bodfan Church in Llanaber and St Bodfan church in Abergwyngregyn.[3] Also, in Llanaber are the Llanaber Stones, they are two very large rocks with 5th- and 6th-century Latin carvings, 1km from the local church, they are known in the area as St Bodfan's Stones.[2]

His feast day is on 2 June.[4]

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