Boggart Hole Brook

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Boggart Hole Brook
Boggart Hole Clough Brook - - 4333.jpg
Boggart Hole Clough Brook
Country England
 - location Boggart Hole Clough
 - location River Irk

Boggart Hole Brook is a river in Greater Manchester in north-west England and a tributary of the River Irk. The brook rises in Boggart Hole Clough near the main lake. It flows west through the clough and then under Rochdale Road and Slack Road in Blackley before meeting the River Irk. It has a total length of just over a mile (1.6 kilometers).

Coordinates: 53°31′12″N 2°12′41″W / 53.52000°N 2.21139°W / 53.52000; -2.21139