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Boglins were a series of toy puppets distributed by Mattel. They were created by Tim Clarke, Maureen Trotto, and Larry Mass, and licensed by Seven Towns. The original run of Boglins was released in 1987, coinciding with a "creatures" craze that included Ghoulies, Critters, and Gremlins. Boglins were made of flexible rubber and could be manipulated to represent speech and facial expressions. Several series of Boglins were released, themed around goblins, aquatic creatures, and Halloween.

Re-released Boglins[edit]

Mattel rejuvenated the Boglins line in 2000 with two new series of puppets: large, electronic ones that talked, and several smaller ones that stuck out their tongues or spat water when squeezed. In 2016 there was a boglin art show in New York by Clutter Arts featuring a boglin mold painted by multiple artists.

Mini Boglins[edit]

Mini Boglins were first released in 1991 by Ideal. They were solid PVC with no movable parts (similar to Monster in My Pocket) and sold in randomised blister packs. Mini Boglins were usable in a Boglins-themed game, were assigned various "ranks", and were arranged into "Tribes". Many models featured a "secret code" with utility in-game that would appear after it was heated and left to cool. There was also a Mini Boglins Swamp Carry Case. It unfolded to resemble a small landscape. Slime Boglins were Mini Boglins sold in plastic toilets filled with toy slime.