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Bogomir Korsov as Mazeppa, Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, 1884

Bogomir Bogomirovich Korsov, (also known as Gothfrid Gothfridovich Korsov, real name Gothfrid Gering) (1845 in St Petersburg – 1920 in Tbilisi) was a Russian baritone opera singer.

His father was a doctor. He studied first at St. Petersburg College and then architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts, graduating in 1864. He studied singing in St. Petersburg with Luigi Piccioli and then in Milan with Giovanni Corsi (hence his stage surname). He made his debut at the Turin Theatre.

In 1869 he was accepted at the Imperial Opera in St Petersburg. During the same period, he sang periodically at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, and moved on to perform there regularly in 1882. He left the opera stage in 1905.

The wife: a famous singer (contralto) Kroutikova, Alexandra Pavlovna.

Among his roles were:


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