Bohan sur Semois

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Bohan sur Semois is a village located in Belgium. It is found in the Belgian Ardennes mountains on the banks of the Semois river. It is located in the province of Namur in the French-speaking part of Belgium, Wallonia. Bohan is only 2 km from the French border.

The micro-climatic conditions in Bohan are very mild. Bohan is the former centre of the forgotten tobacco agriculture in Belgium. Today Bohan is famous for its specialties like tobacco, trout fishing and tourism.

Bohan is part of the Vresse sur Semois community, take a look at Vresse sur Semois at Wikipedia.

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Coordinates: 49°51′51″N 4°53′07″E / 49.86412°N 4.8853°E / 49.86412; 4.8853