BolA-like protein family

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PDB 1ny8 EBI.jpg
solution structure of protein yrba from escherichia coli: northeast structural genomics consortium target er115

In molecular biology, the BolA-like protein family consists of the morpho-protein BolA from Escherichia coli, the Fra2 protein from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and various homologs. The BolA protein is a DNA-binding regulator;[1] the Fra2 protein is an iron sulfur cluster protein that binds Grx3/4 and is involved in regulating iron levels .[2]

In E. coli, over-expression of this protein causes round morphology and may be involved in switching the cell between elongation and septation systems during cell division.[3] The expression of BolA is growth rate regulated and is induced during the transition into the stationary phase.[3] BolA is also induced by stress during early stages of growth [3] and may have a general role in stress response. It has also been suggested that BolA can induce the transcription of penicillin binding proteins 6 and 5.[3][4]


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