Bolivia Manta

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Bolivia Manta
GenresAndean folk, Huayno
Years active1977–present
LabelsAuvidis, A.S.P.I.C.
MembersGuido Alcala
Carlos Arguedas
Julio Arguedas
Evert Tito
Michael Evaristo
Betty Castro
Alejandro Cordova
Guillermo Contreras Ramos
Luis Chugar
Helena Meininger
Noemy Flores
Jaime Corihuanca
Oscar Corihuanca
Leo Mamani
Johnny Chambi
Pablo Conde
Felix Capo
Willan Farinango
Pablo Reynaga.

Bolivia Manta are a Bolivian group created in France in 1977 by Carlos and Julio Arguedas who perform traditional music of pre-Hispanic and contemporary music of the Andes, particularly that of the Aymara and Quechua speaking people of Bolivia and also traditional music of peoples of Peru and Ecuador. Bolivia Manta albums is an encyclopedia of Andean folklore, these dances and songs are collected in different parts of Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, and the vast majority of tracks are authentical performance of traditional rural music. They perform their music on indigenous flutes, panpipes and drums, as well as stringed instruments introduced since the Spanish conquest. In 1981, the group wins the Académie Charles Cros Grand Prix[1] for the album Winayataqui. Four years later they receive a Laser d'or from the Académie du disque français for the album Pak'cha.


  • Sartañani (1978)
  • Winayataqui (1981)
  • Quechua Music' (1983)
  • Pak'cha (1985)
  • Anata (1986)
  • Tinkuna (1990)
  • Auki Pacha (1995)


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