Bolt Upright

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Bolt Upright
Origin Hollywood, CA
Genres Rapcore
Labels Sony 550 Music
Members Toriono "DJ Tory Tee" Mayek
Damian Valentine Mayek
David Aguirre
Jeff "Heff" Holter
DJ Johnny Love.

Bolt Upright was a rapcore music group from Hollywood, CA who were signed to Sony 550 Music.


Brothers Toriono and Damien Mayek grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Toriono began DJ'ing at 13 years old and began producing hip hop records at 15. He produced the album for his own group, Def Supreme, during this time.[1]

In 1996, both brothers moved to Los Angeles, California and formed Bolt Upright.[1] The band signed to Sony's 550 Music in 1998 and released a five-track self-titled EP.[2]

The band released its first and only LP Red Carpet Sindrome in 1999 and performed shows alongside Kid Rock, Powerman 5000, Kottonmouth Kings, Staind and Everlast.[1]

Bolt Upright broke up in 2001.[2]

The Mayek brothers still work in music. Damien operates a music production company named Damien Valentine Music.[3] Toriono still uses the name Tory Tee as a DJ and is represented by DJ Factory Management Group and Hollywood & Vinyl Records.[1]


  • Self-Titled EP (1998)
  • Red Carpet Sindrome (1999)

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