Bolueta (Metro Bilbao)

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Bolueta Station
Metro Bilbao Bolueta Station Trains.jpg
Two Metro units in Bolueta Station
Location Otxarkoaga Street, Bolueta, Begoña, Bilbao
Coordinates 43°14′49″N 2°54′21″W / 43.2470°N 2.9058°W / 43.2470; -2.9058Coordinates: 43°14′49″N 2°54′21″W / 43.2470°N 2.9058°W / 43.2470; -2.9058
Platforms 4 high-level platforms
Tracks 4
Connections Bilbobus
Structure type At-grade (EuskoTren)
Elevated (Metro Bilbao)
Disabled access Yes

Bolueta station, commonly known simply as Bolueta, is a railway station in Spain serving the commuter rail and regional rail services of EuskoTren and also the rapid transit system Metro Bilbao. It is located in the neighborhood of Bolueta and district of Begoña, south-eastern Bilbao. In total, five different lines transit the station; three of EuskoTren and two of Metro Bilbao. EuskoTren lines to San Sebastián, Ermua and Bermeo, and Metro Bilbao lines 1 and 2.


Commuter and regional rail[edit]

The station for the commuter rail and regional rail services EuskoTren is located in the ground floor. EuskoTren lines 1, 1D and 3 operate in the station, all of them using Bilbao-Atxuri Station as terminus station. Line 1 is a regional rail service that transits through the provinces of Biscay and Gipuzkoa with several stations in different municipalities, including Amorebieta-Etxano, Durango, Eibar, Zarautz, until reaching the city of Donostia-San Sebastián. Trains of the same line with destination Bilbao-Atxuri station also stop at this station. There's a train every 30 minutes in rush hours.[1]

Line 1D is a commuter rail service that connects Greater Bilbao, with stations in Bilbao-Atxuri (terminus), Bolueta, Etxebarri and Basauri, with the comarca of Durangaldea, with stops in municipalities including Galdakao, Amorebieta-Etxano, Durango, Abadiño, Berriz and Zaldibar, until reaching the municipality of Ermua. There is a train every 30 minutes in rush hours.[1]

Finally, Line 3, also a commuter rail service, connects Greater Bilbao (the same stations of Lines 1 and 1D until Amorebieta-Etxano with the comarca of Busturialdea and the portuary town of Bermeo. There are trains every 15 minutes in rush hours.[1]

Metro Bilbao[edit]

A Metro train approaching the elevated station

Metro Bilbao station is located in the upper floor. Lines 1 and 2 operate in this station. The station before is Basarrate and station after is Etxebarri. Both lines operate in this station; line 1 toward Plentzia and line 2 toward Santurtzi.


The station also serves as a bus station for Bizkaibus routes A2610, A3613, A3621, A3622, A3918, A3928 and A3929, and Bilbobus route 30 only Sundays until 3pm.


Preceding station   Euskotren Trena   Following station
  Line 1   Etxebarri
toward Donostia-Amara
  Line 1D   Etxebarri
toward Ermua
  Line 3   Etxebarri
toward Bermeo
Preceding station   Metro Bilbao   Following station
toward Plentzia or Bidezabal
Line 1
toward Santurtzi
Line 2
toward Basauri