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Bond's Hospital
Bond's and Ford's Hospital Charity
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Hill Street, showing Bond's Hospital and Bablake School (the half-timbered building in the background)
Location Hill Street, Coventry, England, United Kingdom
Funding Non-profit hospital
Emergency department No Accident & Emergency
Beds 12
Founded 1506
Lists Hospitals in England

Bond's Hospital is an almshouse established for old bedesmen.[1] It is situated on Hill Street, Coventry, England, built around the same courtyard as the old disused buildings of Bablake School.

The hospital was founded in 1506 by Thomas Bond, a draper who became Mayor of Coventry in 1497.[2] Although most of the street frontage was rebuilt in 1832, the building essentially still retains all its original features,[3] and the hospital is now a grade II* listed building. It consists of twelve bed-sitting rooms and a common room, and the garden at its rear contains a portion of the old city wall.[3]

Ford's Hospital was a similar 16th century foundation for women almoners.[1]

The ownership and operation of Bonds Hospital is now vested in the Bond's and Ford's Hospital Charity, part of the Coventry Church Municipal Charities.

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