Bondy Long

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Bondy Long
Nationality  United States
Occupation NASCAR car owner
Known for Being a NASCAR car owner during the vintage years of NASCAR

Bondy Long is a former NASCAR Grand National Series race car owner whose career spanned from 1963 to 1968.[1]

Career summary[edit]

Long started his ownership career in his 20s, and received factory support from Ford Motor Company.[2] He has employed notable drivers like Larry Frank, Bobby Isaac, James Hylton, Ned Jarrett, and Marvin Panch.[1] Long's vehicles have started an average of seventh place and finished an average of ninth place.[1] His drivers have also managed to lead 7024 laps out of 46,976 complete laps.[1] All of the vehicles that Long has owned have competed in 205 races with 29 wins, 113 finishes in the "top five," and 133 finishes in the "top ten.[1]" The total distance of the entire collection of Bondy Long's vehicle adds up to 37,304.9 miles (60,036.4 km).[1]

Jarrett would help Long win the championship in 1965 with nine earned pole positions from the qualifying sessions in addition to 13 confirmed race wins.[1]


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