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Boney is a slang term for someone who is skinny, or lacks fat. It also has several other uses:

  • "Boney" was often what the British called Napoleon Bonaparte, it being both short and displaying a certain lack of respect. Boneys referred to the French military under Napoleon, as in Thomas Hardy's The Trumpet-Major.
  • Boney (TV series) was an Australian television series, based on the character Bony, created by Arthur Upfield
  • Boney James is a popular jazz saxophonist (born 1961)
  • "Boney" is a well-known short-haul sea shanty. The verses generally give a reasonably accurate account of the life and exploits of Napoleon.
  • "Boney" was a dinosaur character on the Nickelodeon television series Weinerville
  • In the Game Boy Advance game Mother 3, "Boney" is a dog, and one of the playable characters throughout much of the game
  • Boney M., pop and disco group from the 1970s.
  • Hank Boney (1903–2002), Major League Baseball pitcher
  • "Boney" is also a South African slang word for a motorcycle

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