Bonny Lakes

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For other places called Bonny Lake or Bonney Lake, see Lake Bonney disambiguation page.
Bonny Lakes
Bonny lakes.jpg
Both west and east lakes
Bonny lake west.jpg
The more western of the two lakes
Location Eagle Cap Wilderness, Wallowa County, Oregon, US
Coordinates 45°11′01″N 117°09′40″W / 45.1834889°N 117.1610013°W / 45.1834889; -117.1610013Coordinates: 45°11′01″N 117°09′40″W / 45.1834889°N 117.1610013°W / 45.1834889; -117.1610013[1]
Type Pond
Primary inflows Big Sheep Creek
Primary outflows Big Sheep Creek
Basin countries United States
Max. length West Lake: 195 yd (178 m) East Lake: 189 yd (173 m)
Max. width West Lake: 189 yd (173 m) East Lake: 80 yd (73 m)
Average depth West Lake: 6 ft (1.8 m) East Lake: 4 ft (1.2 m)
Surface elevation 7,840 ft (2,390 m)[2]

Bonny Lakes are two small, shallow, mountain ponds located in the Eagle Cap Wilderness of Northeastern Oregon, United States. They are positioned in a large meadow on Aneroid Mountain known as Bonny Lakes basin,[3] which is about two miles east of Dollar Lake.[4] Together they are listed as the 13th highest lake in the Eagle Cap Wilderness at 7,840 ft (2,390 m).[5]


Bonny Lakes can be accessed by either the Wallowa Lake Trailhead (10 miles of travel) or the Tenderfoot Trailhead (3.5 miles of travel).[6] The lakes lie on Trail 1802.

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