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The Boomershoot is a long range precision rifle event held near Orofino, Idaho, each year in late spring. The targets are filled with explosives at ranges from 375 to 700 yd (343 to 640 m). Shooters are allowed to engage as many targets as they are able during the all-day event. Nearly every year the amount of explosives has increased; in 2004, the amount of explosives put out for people to shoot was greater than all of the other years combined. In 2005, new targets were introduced with smaller amounts of explosives to reduce window breakage in the surrounding countryside. In recent years, the event has also featured an explosive fireball and an Anvil firing to start the event and entertain the participants.


The smallest and closest targets are 4 in (100 mm) square boxes, about the size and thickness of a common brown rodent poison container, with more immediate results if a rodent ventures near it during this May event. The longer range targets are similarly shaped and are 8 in (200 mm) with more explosive. The farthest targets are shot at mostly by the .50cal shooters from what is referred to as the "Swamp" at the lower/eastern end of the firing line.[1]


The Boomershoot has appeared in magazines such as Newsweek and Outside Magazine,[2] KING 5 Evening Magazine,[3] Shooting Gallery TV show,[4] as well as numerous articles in local newspapers.

A centerfire rifle capable of delivering accuracy of at least one minute of angle with velocity at the target of at least 1,500 ft/s (460 m/s) is required to reliably detonate the targets.

On the two days prior to the main event a precision rifle clinic is held at the same location using steel as well as exploding targets.[1]


Coordinates: 46°32′36″N 116°23′28″W / 46.54333°N 116.39111°W / 46.54333; -116.39111