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Lough Boora Parkland

Boora Bog (Irish Portach na Buaraí) is a cutaway peat bog situated in County Offaly, Ireland.[1] Peat was harvested for fuel between the 1950s and 1970s, and the land is now being reclaimed for agricultural and eco-tourism use. There was a lake called Lough Boora (Loch na Buaraí), which was drained by Bord na Móna, but was not used for peat production: this area is now maintained as a nature reserve by the Irish Wildlife Trust.[2] There are two angling lakes.

The highest observed 20th century air temperature in Ireland, 32.5 °C was measured at Boora on 29 June 1976[3]


In 1977, a prehistoric site was discovered at Lough Boora. Excavations revealed a temporary settlement dated to the Mesolithic era. No structures were discovered, but stone axe heads, arrow heads, and blades were discovered, surrounding a series of fire sites. The finds were dated to approximately between 6800 BCE and 6000 BCE.[4]

Sculpture Park[edit]

The first artworks were commissioned in 2002 through a symposium where seven Irish and international artists worked over a three-week residency. Eight site-specific sculptures were created during the symposium.


Boora is the Irish stronghold of the grey partridge. A conservation project funded by the National Parks and Wildlife Service has turned the fortunes of the species around from a critically low 22 to 932 birds.[5][6] Other species seen regularly include hen harrier, common buzzard, cuckoo, merlin, green sandpiper and ruff.


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Coordinates: 53°13′05″N 7°43′41″W / 53.218°N 7.728°W / 53.218; -7.728