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Bord na gCon (Irish pronunciation: [bˠoːɾˠd̪ˠ nə ɡon̪ˠ]; in English, the Irish Greyhound Board), abbreviated as BnaC, is an Irish semi-state body charged with regulating and promoting Greyhound racing in Ireland.[1] The board has been active in developing the sport in Ireland since its founding in 1958,

The Bord na gCon is a commercial semi-state body and reports to the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.[2]


Bord na gCon was established under the Greyhound Industry Act of 1958 with a number of aims. The body was formed to regulate the industry, operate a tote betting system, licence and authorise each stadium, its officials, and its on-course bookmakers, and promote the sport through advertising and prize grants.[1] Bord na gCon received €14.5 million in state funding during 2007, but has been criticised for lacking government oversight.[3] Bord na gCon has been active in improving Ireland's greyhound stadia in recent years, and in 2007 announced a €28 million investment in its facilities in Limerick and Kilkenny.[4]

The board has long had a comprehensive policy on doping in the sport, even including viagra on its list of banned substances.[5] However, in 2006 Bord na gCon was imbued with controversy. A report illustrating that two dogs had tested positive for the banned substance EPO was not made public by the board, contrary to standard practice. Aidan Tynan, the board's CEO at the time, sent a letter to the Minister for Sport, John O'Donoghue, outlining his concern with the situation. He was then removed from his position by the board. A government report subsequently criticised the board for its actions,[6][7] and a 2008 report by the Comptroller and Auditor General found some irregularities in the board's accounts.[8]


Bord na gCon regulates all of Ireland's greyhound stadia. There are stadia in the following locations:[9]

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