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Bored Shorts TV
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Bored Shorts TV is a YouTube channel created by brothers Brett, David, John, and Randy Roberts and friend Richard Sharrah and launched on YouTube on March 3, 2011. Bored Shorts TV publish the video series Kid History, Kid Snippets, Autocorrect Awareness, and others. The channel has 494,000 subscribers and over 200 million upload views as of August 2017.[1] The channel is best known for its Kid History series where each episode has a group of children tell a true story from the Roberts brothers' lives. The stories are acted out by the brothers using the voices of the children.[2]

The Roberts brothers grew up making home videos but Kid History—the flagship series on BoredShortsTV—was not created until after their success in a video competition.[3] Randy Roberts developed the concept—a twist on another popular YouTube series "Drunk History"[4]—and enlisted the help of his brothers to create the first episode to enter into the Lingos Film festival, a small LDS film festival in New York City, which it won gaining 80 percent of the votes.[2][5][6] Kid History episodes feature several additional members of the Roberts extended family. Bored Shorts TV does all of its own media production out of their studio in Orem, Utah.[2]

Kid History was followed by other series including: Kid Snippets, Autocorrect Awareness, and Kid Movie Trailers. A new video is produced every Monday.[7] There has been some interest in creating a show with the Kid History creator, and the Roberts brothers have been approached by several TV networks.[6][8]

Kid Snippets are videos that include adults, but the all the adults in the videos are voiced by two children, either male or female. The topic of Kid Snippets is what might happen if people grew up but their minds didn't develop as they mature.

After almost a years hiatus boardshorts returned with 2 new videos at the end of 2017.

After almost another year’s hiatus, BoredShorts returned again with a new snippet in September 2018.

BoredShortsTV Originals[edit]

  • Kid History
  • Kid History Shorts
  • Kid Snippets
  • Kid Movie Trailers
  • Kid Remix
  • Autocorrect Awareness
  • Home Movie Hijack
  • Kid Critics
  • Kid Snippets Office
  • Randy's Vlog
  • Kids Be Like
  • Little Bigs
  • Senior Snippets
  • Girl Talk
  • Dave & Richard Review

Viral Videos[edit]

More than 9,563,502 views

More than 2 million views

  • Kid Snippets: "Salesman" (Imagined by Kids)
  • Kid Snippets: "Fast Food" (Imagined by Kids)
  • Kid Snippets: "Drivers Ed" (Imagined by Kids)
  • Kid Snippets: "Basketball Class" (Imagined by Kids)
  • Kid History: "Healthy Food" Episode 6 (True Stories)
  • Kid Snippets: "Proposal" (Imagined by Kids)
  • Kid History: "Fact!" Episode 4 (True Stories)
  • Kid Snippets: "Mean School Nurse" (Imagined by Kids)
  • Kid History: "Camping" Episode 5 (True Stories)
  • Kid Snippets: "Police Patrol" (Imagined by Kids)
  • Kid Snippets: "Blind Date" (Imagined by Kids)
  • Kid Snippets: "Lunch" (Imagined by Kids)

More than 1 million views

There have been many videos pass the one million views threshold, including Kid Snippets: "Cooking Show", "Wedding Jitters", "Job Interview", "Too Sick for School", "Swimming Lesson", "Bedtime", "Principal's Office", "Bank", "Dance Class", "Accident", "Inmates", "American Idol", "Library", "Tooth Fairy", and "Runners". Also passing the one million views mark are full episodes "Babysitting" Episode 9, and "Christmas" Episode 7.

CVX Live[edit]

In 2015, the creators of Bored Shorts TV created a YouTube convention called CVX Live. The convention took place August 7–8 at Utah Valley University and featured 35 different YouTube celebrities with meet & greets, main stage performances, private meet-ups and other activities. Total attendance at the event was 6,112.

The featured YouTube creators included:

  • Aaliyah Rose
  • Ashley Hess
  • Aspyn Ovard
  • Bored Shorts TV
  • Brooklyn & Bailey
  • Can't Stop Won't Stop
  • Cute Girls Hairstyles
  • Daehan Jang
  • Dark Pixel
  • Devin Supertramp
  • Ellie and Jared
  • Eric Thayne Music
  • Freakin Rad
  • Gardiner Sisters
  • Grant Thompson
  • Hair 101 with April
  • HeyKayli
  • The Hillywood Show
  • Jessica Frech
  • KFaceTV
  • LoganMckay55
  • Maddie Wilson
  • Michelle Money
  • Mimi Knowles
  • Nichole337
  • Nikki Phillippi
  • Olinselot
  • Peter Hollens
  • Ronnie Street Stunts
  • Salt Lake Pops Orchestra
  • Samika Vlogs
  • ScottDW / Scott and Brendo
  • Show Me Cute
  • Shonduras
  • StacyPlays
  • Stuart Edge
  • Studio C
  • Working with Lemons
  • 8 Passengers


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