Born to Be King

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Born to Be King
Born to Be King DVD.jpg
Traditional 勝者為王
Simplified 胜者为王
Directed by Andrew Lau
Produced by Raymond Chow
Manfred Wong
Written by Manfred Wong
Starring Ekin Cheng
Jordan Chan
Shu Qi
Gigi Lai
Music by Chan Kwong-wing
Cinematography Andrew Lau
Edited by Danny Pang Phat
Distributed by Golden Harvest Pictures (China) Ltd.
Release date
  • 21 July 2000 (2000-07-21)
Running time
118 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Min Nan
Box office HK$7,709,039

Born to Be King (Chinese: 勝者為王) is a 2000 Hong Kong crime film directed by Andrew Lau. It is the sixth and final sequel to the Young and Dangerous film series.


Chicken (Jordan Chan) is set to marry the daughter of a Japanese yakuza boss (Sonny Chiba). When Chicken is set up, his old pals return to clear his name.


  • Notable absences: Tai Fei, Prince, Chan Yiu
  • Although they normally portrayed as Tai-tin Yee and Chow Pan/Banana Skin (who are the good guys) respectively, Michael Tse and Jason Chu took the roles as Lui Fu-kwan's henchmen, who were also named Michael and Jason respectively.
  • Roy Cheung makes his third appearance, this time as Akira Kusakari, a villain who was adopted by Ichio.
  • As Chicken marries Nanako in this movie, many fans who followed the series wondered whatever happened between Chicken and Wasabi (Karen Mok) because he proposed to her in Young and Dangerous 4. As it was revealed in Those Were the Days, they broke up and Wasabi went to Japan to learn some Japanese.

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