Borzontul Mare River

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Borzontul Mare River
(Putna River)
Countries Romania
Counties Harghita County
Villages Borzont
 - location Gurghiu Mountains
Mouth Mureș
 - coordinates 46°42′59″N 25°27′40″E / 46.7164°N 25.4610°E / 46.7164; 25.4610Coordinates: 46°42′59″N 25°27′40″E / 46.7164°N 25.4610°E / 46.7164; 25.4610
Progression MureșTiszaDanubeBlack Sea

The Borzontul Mare River (sometimes referred to as Borzont River) is a left tributary of the river Mureș in Romania. It discharges into the Mureș near Joseni. The upper reach of the river is also known Putna River.


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