Boschmanskop No 1 Dam

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Boschmanskop No 1+2 Dam
Official nameBoschmanskop No 1+2 Dam
CountrySouth Africa
LocationMiddelburg, Mpumalanga
Coordinates26°1′6″S 29°37′50″E / 26.01833°S 29.63056°E / -26.01833; 29.63056Coordinates: 26°1′6″S 29°37′50″E / 26.01833°S 29.63056°E / -26.01833; 29.63056
PurposeFlood control
Opening date1995
Owner(s)Optimum Colliery Pullen's Hope
Dam and spillways
Type of damEarth fill dam
ImpoundsWoes-Alleen River
Height21.5 m
Length955 m
CreatesBoschmanskop No 1+2 Dam Reservoir
Total capacity14 400 000 m³
Surface area185 ha

Boschmanskop No 1+2 Dam, is an earth-fill type dam on the Woes-Alleen River, near Middelburg, Mpumalanga, South Africa. It was established in 1995. Its primary purpose is flood control and it is owned by Optimum Colliery Pullen's Hope.

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