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The portable audio products sold by Bose Corporation have been marketed as the "SoundLink" models. These wireless speaker systems are battery powered and play audio over a wireless connection from a separate source device (such as a computer or smartphone). Most models use Bluetooth to communicate with to the source device.




The first SoundLink product was released in 2009[1] and used a USB wireless transmitter plugged into the computer to receive audio from the computer (using a proprietary protocol— not Bluetooth).[2] The system included a remote control. Reviewers criticised the high price of US$550.[3][4]

SoundLink Mobile[edit]

SoundLink Mobile (first version)

The "SoundLink Mobile" was released in 2011 as a smaller, battery-powered model.[5][6] It used Bluetooth to communicate with the source device.[7] Reviewers praised the unit's audio quality, but criticised the high price and lack of a microphone (to enable its use as a speakerphone).[8][9]

The SoundLink Mobile was replaced by the "SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II", which was sold from 2012 until 2014. It included a rechargeable battery that was rated at up to 8 hours of playback at "moderate" volume levels.[10] The rear of the device includes a 3.5 mm auxillary input.[11] The appearance is very similar to its predecessor,[10] with the biggest change being the folding arrangement of the front cover.[12]

Reviewers praised the updated version for its audio quality and high volume for a compact device, but criticised its high price and the lack of a speakerphone function.[10][13][14][15] It was classified as an Editors Choice' product by PC Magazine.[11]

SoundLink Mini[edit]

SoundLink Mini

The "SoundLink Mini" was released in 2013 as a smaller model below the SoundLink Mobile. It weighed 0.7 kg (1.5 lb).[16] Reviewers praised the sound quality and build quality, but criticised the lack of a microphone.[17][18][19][20]

The SoundLink Mini was replaced by the "SoundLink Mini II" in 2015.[21]

SoundLink Color[edit]

SoundLink Color

The "SoundLink Color" was introduced in 2015, as Bose's smallest portable Bluetooth loudspeaker.[22] It was battery powered and charging was via a micro-USB port.

The original Soundlink Color was replaced by the "SoundLink Color II" in 2016,[23] which had a slimmer design and remains on sale as of June 2019.[24][25][26][27]

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