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Language(s) Italian
Region of origin Lombardy in northern Italy, particularly Milan
Meaning Derived from boxwood
Other names
Variant(s) Bosio, Boselli, Bossy and Bossie

Bossi is a surname native to the Lombardy region of Italy, particularly in Milan. Variations include Bosio and Boselli, the former being among the original derivations of "Bossi" and the latter being a common variation of Italian names. Also, Bossy and Bossie are two etymologically related forms found in French-speaking regions as well as in the United States. The coat of arms and family standard are of a bovine bull holding the Latin phrase "In Domino Confido", which translates as "In God I trust". The bull is quartered in the solid gules (red) and argent (white) colors of the House of Savoy, set upon an azure field.

Etymologically, the name appears to be derived from two possible words. Boxwood—a prized wood historically used for landscaping or crafting—is Bosso (singular) or Bossi (plural) in Italian.[1] Alternately, the name may also be derived from the plural of the genus Bos, which consists of both wild and domestic cattle. This possible relationship is reinforced by the bull on the coat of arms and family standard.


The surname can refer to the following people:


The name Bossi or its related variations may also refer to the following: