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Betty Bossi
ParentCoop Group

Betty Bossi is a Swiss cookbook publisher.[1] The Betty Bossi brand published various cookbooks and newsletters and sponsored various cooking contests.[2] Shirley Eu-Wong, author of Culture shock!: Switzerland, said that Betty Bossi "recipe booklets can be found in almost any Swiss-Romande kitchen cabinet."[3] The brand is operated by Betty Bossi AG/Betty Bossi SA, headquartered in Zurich,[4][5] which is owned by the Coop group.


The name originates from "Betty Bossi", a fictional character created in the mid-1950s, taking inspiration from Betty Crocker.[1] Gary Genosko, author of "Better than butter: Margarine and simulation," said that the character "Betty Bossi" was "a kind of Franco-Swiss Betty Crocker".[2] Bossi was said to be the inventor of "tartines," a bread-and-butter snack.[2]

For a period of time around 2003, Swiss International Air Lines offered a buy on board service in economy class on European flights generally 70 minutes or longer, with menu items from Betty Bossi.[6]

In 2012 the company was purchased outright by Coop, which had previously taken a 50% stake in 2001.[7]

After its initial investment Coop launched a range of Betty Bossi-branded convenience foods in its stores, which as of 2018 had expanded to around 1,400 lines.[8]


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