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Bostik S.A.
Founded 1889; 128 years ago (1889) (as Boston Blacking Company)
Chelsea, Massachusetts, U.S.
Headquarters La Défense, Paris, France
Area served
Products Adhesives, sealants
Number of employees
5,000 (March 2009)

Bostik is an international adhesives company. The company was created as Bostik Findley in 2001 after the merger of Bostik and Ato Findley, following the merger of their parent companies, Total Fina and Elf Aquitaine. In 2015 Bostik was sold to Arkema from Total for a reported €1.71 billion ($2.5 billion).


The owner of the Bostik brand began as the Boston Blacking Company, founded in 1889[1] in Chelsea, Massachusetts. In 1929 the company was bought by the United Shoe Machinery Company (USM). The Bostik brand name was first registered in the USA in 1930, and was in use in the UK by 1935.[2] In 1950 the company became the B. B. Chemical Co., and then Bostik, Inc. It then merged with Emhart Manufacturing in 1975, and Emhart was purchased by Black & Decker Corporation in 1989. Black & Decker then sold the Bostik businesses to Total in 1990. Bostik, Inc. then merged with Ato Findley, Inc. to become Bostik Findley, Inc. in 2001. In 2004, Bostik Findley changed its name back to Bostik.[3]

Early 20th century dubbin tin from the Boston Blacking Co. under the Be-Be-Co brand name: Dubb-O

On February 2, 2015, Arkema announced its acquisition of Bostik.

UK subsidiary[edit]

Early in its history, Boston Blacking acquired a number of overseas subsidiaries, such as the Boston Blacking Company, Ltd., in Leicester, England (before 1899). By 1940 this had become known as the B. B. Chemical Co.[4] and by 1966 as Bostik Ltd.

On 9 December 2005, Bostik Ltd. in the UK acquired Laybond Group for $21million (£24million). Laybond Ltd employs 120 people on a site near Chester, manufacturing adhesives and coatings supplied to builders' merchants and flooring and roofing distributors in the UK, Ireland and export markets. The product portfolio includes water and solvent-based adhesives, cementitious powders, grab adhesives and bitumen-based weatherproofing products. Laybond holds leading UK positions in the grab adhesives segment with the Gripfill brand and in the flooring and roofing segments with the Laybond brand.

On 16 January 2006 Bostik Ltd. acquired Biscem. Biscem manufactures and sells ready-mixed and cementitious based tiling adhesives and grouting systems into the ceramic tiling market in the UK and Ireland, and on 14 April 2006, Bostik Ltd acquired Wetherby Stone Products Ltd in Dalton, Thirsk, North Yorkshire.

On 13 July 2006 Bostik Ltd acquired Sealocrete PLA. Sealocrete PLA employed 64 people and manufactures and sells adhesives and coatings for the builders' merchants and roofing markets in the UK. Sealocrete PLA's product portfolio includes tiling adhesives, cementitious powders, paints, sealants and bitumen-based weatherproofing products. The majority of these products are manufactured in the company's factory in Stafford.

On 3 September 2006, the relocation of products to Bostik's own sites caused job losses at Laybond. The Biscem site was also shut down, moving all products to Bostik Leicester, as was the Sealocrete site as products moved to Bostik Stafford.

Between 2006 and 2010 the Chester site was slowly decommissioned, some staff were reassigned to other departments at Bostik Stafford, but many were made redundant. In July 2010, the Chester site was completely decommission and all remaining equipment was moved to Bostik Stafford.


Bostik is among the four top adhesives and sealants producers in the world. Bostik employs over 5,000 workers in 50 countries and five continents.[5]

Bostik has well recognized name in industrial markets. It has some divisions such as: Industrial/Nonwovens, Construction and Distribution and High performance polymers. Its brands include Bostik, Blu-Tack, Prestik, Sader, Quelyd, Simson, Evo-Stik, Alliance, Ardal, Cementone, Mem, Technik, Hey'Di, SB Mercier, Chem-Calk, Hydroment, Durabond, Anchor Weld, Clag, Gripfill, Flexacryl and Aquamac weatherband.[6]

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