Boston Internet Exchange

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Boston Internet Exchange
Full name Boston Internet Exchange
Abbreviation Boston IX
Founded 2012
Location  United States, Boston, Massachusetts, US
Members 48[1]

The Boston Internet Exchange is an Internet Exchange Point in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The Boston IX is owned and operated by Markley Group, hosted in Markley's One Summer Street, Boston datacenter and their Prince Avenue, Lowell datacenter.

The domain was registered by Patrick Gilmore in 2010[2] and was donated to the exchange. In 2012 the Boston IX went online with the Free Software Foundation as its first participant.

The exchange point supports IPv4 and IPv6 unicast peering, as well as private virtual network interconnects.

Some consider the Boston IX to be the successor of the now defunct Boston MXP started by and Vincent Bono. Initially in 2007, Barton Bruce from Global NAPs and TowardEX Technologies had planned to replace the aging Boston MXP due to Global NAPs closing down its business. Unfortunately, that did not come to pass.

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