Boston Marine Museum

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Boston Marine Museum, ca.1910s

The Boston Marine Museum (1909-1947) in Boston, Massachusetts, specialized in maritime history. Its collections were displayed in the Old State House in rooms borrowed from the Bostonian Society.[1][2] Among the objects in the museum were figureheads; model ships; "whaling implements, ... prints and pictures;"[3] manuscripts;[nb 1]publications;[nb 2] and "curios and relics of the seafaring life of New England."[7] Leaders of the museum included John Templeman Coolidge,[8] Alexander Wadsworth Longfellow Jr.,[7] and Robert B. Smith.[9] In 1947 the museum merged into the Bostonian Society.[10]

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  1. ^ The museum owned manuscript materials such as the journal of sea captain John Suter;[4] and the diary of Leavitt Sprague[5]
  2. ^ The museum owned published material such as the Boston Shipping List and Price Current, 1843-1882[6]


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