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Logo for the Boston Ski and Sports Club

The Boston Ski and Sports Club (usually abbreviated BSSC), a for profit organization, was founded in 1967 in Boston, Massachusetts to provide sports leagues, social events, ski/snowboard programs, and global travel for over 30,000 active professionals in the Greater Boston area.[1]

The Boston Ski and Sports Club was founded as the first chapter of the United States Ski and Sports Clubs. Additional chapters in New York, Rhode Island and Connecticut were later established. Today Boston Ski and Sports Club is the only remaining club.

The BSSC claims to offer over 1000 events a year covering social and cultural activities, one-day outings, weekend trips, and adventure travel.


You do not have to be a member to participate in activities, but members receive membership rates - a savings of $5 to $40 depending on the activity. You save $25 each time you play in a sports league, and $30 on every weekend getaway. Membership is $65 a year and $110 for a 2 year membership; corporate memberships are available. In addition to member rates on activities, members also receive the BSSC Playbook, a monthly online activity guide and discounts at select fitness centers, area services, and other retail establishments.

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