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Bot or BOT may refer to:


Computing and technology[edit]

  • Chatbot, a computer program that converses in natural language
  • Internet bot, a software application that runs automated tasks (scripts) over the Internet
    • a Spambot, an internet bot designed to assist in the sending of spam
  • Internet Relay Chat bot, a set of scripts or an independent program that connects to Internet Relay Chat as a client
  • Robot, or "bot", a mechanical device that can perform physical tasks
  • Social bot, a type of chatbot that is employed in social media networks to automatically generate messages
    • Twitter bot, a program used to produce automated posts on the Twitter microblogging service
  • Video game bot, a computer-controlled player or opponent
  • Wikipedia bot, an internet bot which performs tasks in Wikipedia
  • Zombie (computer science), a zombie computer is part of a botnet

Biology and medicine[edit]



Brands and enterprises[edit]




Other uses[edit]

  • "B.O.T.", a 1986 episode of The Transformers
  • Bot caste, a Hindu caste of Nepali origin found in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh
  • Bot people, or Boto people, a community in Jammu and Kashmir
  • Bot, short for ubosot, the ordination hall of a Buddhist temple in Thailand
  • Barn Owl Trust, a charity in Waterleat, Ashburton, Devon, England
  • Bon Om Touk, the Cambodian Water Festival

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