Bothin Marsh

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Bothin Marsh is a half acre (.2 hectare) wetlands in Marin County, California.[1] Parts of the wetlands are in Bothin Marsh Open Space Preserve, a regional park.[2]

Natural history[edit]

A great egret in Bothin Marsh, with Richardson Bay Bridge in the background.

The marsh, positioned at the northern arm of Richardson Bay is fed by Mill Creek. Bothin Marsh is situated not far from Triangle Marsh, although the latter is situated on the northern edge of the Tiburon Peninsula. It is likely that Native Americans gathered estuarine resources from Bothin Marsh, as they did from nearby Triangle Marsh.[3]


Jo Julin was instrumental in the preservation of Bothin Marsh in the early 1970s, when developers attempted to drain the marsh in order to begin construction.

Today the Bothin Marsh Open Space Preserve provides habitat for hundreds of native bird and wildlife species, including the endangered salt marsh harvest mouse and California clapper rail. It's also a resting stop for over 400 species of migratory birds traveling on the Pacific Flyway.


Coordinates: 37°53′19″N 122°31′26″W / 37.888537°N 122.523864°W / 37.888537; -122.523864