Boukornine National Park

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Boukornine National Park

Boukornine National Park (French: Parc national de Boukornine) is a national park in northern Tunisia.

The 1,939-hectare (4,790-acre) park was established on 12 February 1987.[1] It is very near to the town of Hammam-Lif and just 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) to the capital city of Tunis.[2]

At the park, one can find flowers like the Persian cyclamen and animals like the Etruscan shrew (the world's smallest known mammal) and the Mountain gazelle.[2]

The park is the site of Jebel Boukornine (a 576-metre mountain) and the Aïn Zargua spring, as well as an ecomuseum.[2]


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Coordinates: 36°41′17″N 10°23′18″E / 36.68796690°N 10.38824307°E / 36.68796690; 10.38824307